Florida Traffic School: What It Is and How to Complete Your Requirements

Florida traffic school what it is and how to complete your requirements

Florida traffic schools offer online courses to drivers to keep negative points off their driving record after receiving a moving violation traffic ticket. An online traffic school also provides a court-ordered basic driver improvement course and an advanced driver improvement course to reinstate a driver’s license after a suspension, revocation, or court order. Online courses are convenient and flexible. Classes are available in both English and Spanish.

The Florida traffic school must be approved by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV).

Why Take Courses from a Florida Online Traffic School?

Drivers issued a moving violation traffic ticket can volunteer to take a four-hour basic driver improvement (BDI) course at traffic school to dismiss points from their driving record, avoid an increase in their auto premiums and keep in good standing with their insurance company, and save money (9%) on the traffic citation. If a driver accumulates too many points, their license will be suspended. Points remain on one’s record for three years. Insurance increases can be between 10% and 25%.

Additionally, as mentioned above, a driver may be ordered by the court to take a basic driver improvement course at a traffic school. A driver may have contested a Florida traffic ticket in court, for example, and the judge gave them permission to attend traffic school for ticket dismissal.

Driving Offenses Requiring Driver Improvement School

A judge can also require drivers to attend a BDI course due to specific driving offenses. These offenses include failing to obey a traffic control signal, failing to stop for a school bus, racing on the highway, and reckless driving. Drivers have 60 to 90 days (depending on the court jurisdiction in the state of Florida) from the citation date to complete the required course. If not satisfied, driving privilege will be canceled and will remain so until the Florida traffic school requirements are met.

A driver who is a habitual traffic offender and has had their license suspended due to the accumulation of negative points is required to take an advanced driver improvement course. This online course runs for 8 hours.

How to Fulfill Court-Order Requirements for Traffic Tickets

Drivers must report the traffic school course completion to the FLHSMV to ensure they receive credit and points are removed from their records. The steps a driver must take to submit completion of the Florida traffic school certificate will be specified by the court (fax, mail, in person, etc.). Drivers must get this information before registering for the course to know when and how to deliver the completed information to the court.

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